Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment/Therapy

People think that depression means just being sad and its true, depressed people often are weep or cry more frequently. Sometimes men express depression as increased irritability and anger. Depression may impact your ability to make decisions and concentrate. Occasionally people have “situational depression” from a stressful event like beginning college or moving across country away from friends and family or an ending like a job loss or getting a divorce. Young mothers can develop postpartum depression that is a combination of the stress of adjusting to a new baby, sleeplessness and the impact of hormonal changes.

Here’s what people say when they call us about depression treatment:

  • “I’m just more tired than usual and don’t really want to see my friends or have sex.”
  • “I can’t sleep and I can’t eat.“
  • “I’m hopelessly bored with my life and I feel empty on the inside.”
  • “My husband seems angry and irritable all the time; is he depressed?”
  • “My spouse is threatening to leave me because I’m just absent from the relationship.”
  • “The future seems hopeless.”
  • “I’m disappointed in myself, sometimes even disgusted with how little I’ve accomplished.”
  • “Some days I feel so worthless I’ve thought about ending it all.”

We can help! Feeling depressed is a really difficult. It’s not who you are; it’s a mood. And it can be treated so you can go back to being happy. With over 25 years of experience, we believe mood stabilization is possible and our therapists at Awakenings know how to help you find the ballast against life’s winds and storms. We work with psychiatrists if you need medication, but we also try to get at the root of the depression so you won’t need pharmaceuticals forever.

What you can expect from depression therapy:

  • Learn to stop catastrophizing
  • Get tools to increase your peace of mind no matter what your circumstance
  • Proven strategies to help deal with depression
  • Discard old patterns keeping you depressed that are now irrelevant
  • Think your way through issues instead of resorting to numbing-out behavior
  • Find safe pathways of connection to reliable friends instead of social avoidance
  • Analyze circumstances that might have led to situational depression
  • A quick triage for postpartum depression with an immediate appointment
  • Heal the deep roots from childhood that might have led to mood instability through the relationship with a trustworthy therapist-coach-guide.


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