Depression Treatment

People think that depression means just being sad. And depression treatment does help people who feel down for a long time, are weepy, or have very low self-esteem. But if you’re depressed you might also find you are easily frustrated and people describe you as angry.  Depression counseling is also targets people who feel bored or uninterested in activities that used to be enjoyable. Depression has a physical impact as well. You may have trouble sleeping, and a significantly increased or decreased appetite.  When people are very depressed, their jobs suffer, their friendships and love relationships falter, and worse, their life can seem worthless sparking suicidal feelings.

Take our quiz below to see if you fit the clinical description of depression.

Depression Quiz: 

  1. Sometimes I feel like my future is hopeless
  2. I cry more than I used to
  3. I’m more worried about my health than I used to be
  4. I can’t make decisions like I did before
  5. I’m disappointed or disgusted in myself
  6. I’m bored with activities in my life
  7. It takes me extra effort to do things
  8. My appetite is worse and/or I’ve lost weight recently
  9. I have less or no interest in sex
  10. I get tired a lot more easily than I used to
  11. I feel sad and can’t snap out of it
  12. I’ve lost interest in other people
  13. I can’t sleep as well as I used to
  14. I sometimes have thoughts about killing myself*
  15. I feel like I am being punished

If you answered yes to more than 6 of these questions or yes to #14 alone, you probably have undue depression – therapy can help!

*Please go to your nearest emergency room and ask for the psychiatrist on call if you feel suicidal now.


Awakenings provides treatment for depression; your counselor will listen to you and teach you to manage your mood, get back your interest in life, and feel more motivated.  Our therapist Natalie Chigozie (Raleigh) and Kate Double (Greensbor0)  have extensive experience in treating depression.


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