Pre-Marital Counseling

Most couples have only seen one marriage up close – their parents. Good or bad, the legacy from our parent’s relationship(s) leaves a map in our heads about intimacy. You may have limited understanding about what made it happy or what made it fail. Unexamined – we are destined to repeat history.  Happiness takes work.

Pre-marital counseling helps you examine the map in your head and decide whether it will get you where you want to go as a couple. We’ve been doing pre-marital counseling for over 27 years to help couples start off right and end up happy. Our therapists have seen thousands of couples – we know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Learn healthy communication patterns
  • Commit to fair fighting
  • Discuss practical chores and responsibilities
  • Figure out your money
  • Set boundaries for extended family and friends
  • Discover your inner map for marriage
  • Talk openly about sexuality

We offer the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory to more deeply help you understand your strengths and challenges.

Six sessions gives you the basics!  PERFECT GIFT for the engaged couple!!! Certificates available!

*Faith-based Christian Pre-Marital Counseling also available with our counselors.

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