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As a Urologist specializing in Men’s Health, and especially sexual dysfunctions, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Laurie in treating several of my patients. She is an excellent sex therapist and counselor. I am confident in my referral of patients, which ensures all aspects of the patient’s sexual dysfunction are appropriately addressed… the organic and psychogenic components. My confidence in her stems not only from her excellent knowledge base and training but also her empathy in caring for these patients… Laurie is a valuable member of my referral team.

Charles Viviano, MD, Phd, Duke Urology of Raleigh

I have been lucky to have Laurie Watson as a resource for my patients. She has resolved their sexual issues, improved their relationships, and helped them pursue more fulfilling lives. I can wholeheartedly recommend Laurie as a counselor and therapist.  She is kind, competent, and thorough and my patients have benefited tremendously.

Wanda L Radford, MD, OB/GYN, FACOG; Wake Women’s Health, Raleigh

I have been referring my patients for consultation to Laurie Watson for several years, and will continue to do so. All my patients have benefited immensely by her therapy, and they are most pleased and grateful. Sexual dysfunction is a major problem for many women, at times leading to depression and problems with relationships. We are most fortunate to have the services of Laurie Watson who is not only knowledgeable, but most compassionate and caring.

Dr. Pouru Bhiwandi, MD, OB/GYN, FACOG; Gyn Center for Women, Raleigh

As physical therapists, we consider sex therapy an essential component of pelvic pain treatment. Laurie and the therapists at Awakenings have helped many of our patients enjoy intimacy and pleasurable sex as part of their recovery. We highly recommend Awakenings to individuals and couples for optimal sexual health.

Sarah P. Talley, PT, DPT and Emily R. Wegmann, PT OCS, Raleigh

Laurie Watson has a wonderful method… Her warmth, caring and passion for what she does really shines through.

Ingrid Harm-Ernandes PT, WCS, BCIA-PMDB, Orthopedic/Women’s Health Specialties, Duke Hospital, Durham

A valuable therapeutic resource…

Carol Casper Figuers, PT, EdD, Associate Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Division, Department of Community and Family Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine, Durham

What a great resource to have! My patients share their most intimate secrets and insecurities with me as their gynecologist, and I feel fortunate to have Laurie to send them to for care. She is knowledgeable, fair, warm and empathetic. They are often so relieved to know that there is someone who can help them.

Myra Teasley, MD, FACOG; Mid-Carolina OBGYN, Raleigh

Laurie’s message, rich in experience, inspires us to reconnect with our partners and ourselves.

Polly Watson, MD, OB/GYN, FACOG, NCMP, Boylan Healthcare, Raleigh

Laurie came and spoke to our group of over 100 physicians and med students.  It was a fantastic night of learning. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. She is so compassionate about what she does and was able to provide amazing insight and perspective from her years of experience. It was helpful for us both personally and professionally. What a resource we have in our community!

Elizabeth Kelly MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist Health

Laurie Watson has a gift for relating to women.

Julie R. McQueen, CHES, Oncology Patient Navigator, Duke Cancer Center, Raleigh

I am a therapist with a worrisome case involving a couple who is sexually shut-down completely. I consulted with Laurie Watson, who provided fresh insight and professional approaches which have given me new hope for helping this couple in pain unlock their sexual connection again. I am very grateful to Laurie for the seasoned perspective and informed, sensitive input for therapy with them.

Rev. Jack L. Hileman, LMFT, AAMFT-Approved Supervisor

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