Awakenings offers…

Couple’s Counseling

Do any of these common statements by couples sound familiar?

  • “I don’t feel any spark.”
  • “My husband doesn’t talk to me anymore.”
  • “My wife never wants to have sex.”
  • “He expects me to do all the childcare.”
  • “She nags about household chores and doesn’t respect my need for time to myself.”
  • “I wish he were more ambitious.”
  • “He never puts down his phone!” or  “She’s on Facebook every night.”
  • “My partner cheated and I’ve always said I’d leave if they ever did that.”
  • “We bicker about nothing and everything.  I can’t stand that our kids are growing up hearing this.”
Young smiling romantic couple relaxing in each others
Sex Therapy

The media and other people’s stories may make sex seem easy and simple, but everyone has sexual problems at some point!

Candidates for sex therapy often ask themselves:

  • “Am I normal for ______?”
  • “My partner and I differ in our desires in bed.”
  • “Our sex life has gotten routine, but I don’t want to do anything too kinky.”

Sex therapy is a safe place to ask questions, get answers based on the facts and resolve differences with your partner. You might feel left out of all the fun in our sex-drenched culture. Or perhaps you think life would be happier if sex just wasn’t such a big issue for your partner.

Sad young woman suffering from headache outdoors

In this fast-paced, hectic, stress-filled life, some people find their minds have trouble ever being at peace. Occasionally, anxiety sneaks up like a lion and people might experience a panic attack and feel some or all of the following:

  • dread
  • difficulty breathing
  • chest pain
  • dizziness

If you find this is true for you and is negatively impacting your life, call us!


Depression can be debilitating and negatively impact your life and relationships. If any of the following statements are true for you, call us!

  • Sometimes I feel like my future is hopeless
  • I cry more than I used to
  • I’m more worried about my health than I used to be
  • I can’t make decisions like I did before
  • I’m disappointed or disgusted in myself

If you find yourself depressed, therapy can help you get to the root of the problem and bring you relief. Call us today!