Anxiety Treatment

Do you need therapy for anxiety? In this fast-paced, hectic, stress-filled life, some people find their minds have trouble ever being at peace. They worry. Sometimes the worry takes on a life of its own and we call that having anxiety. People with anxiety have uneasiness about the future and find themselves dreading what might happen. With anxiety, you might feel like you live in perpetual apprehension – even your body feels tight. Occasionally, anxiety sneaks up like a lion and people might experience a panic attack and feel:
• dread,
• difficulty breathing,
• chest pain
• dizziness,
• electric shooting pains,
• nausea, and
• terrible stomachaches.

They might even wonder if they are having a heart attack. (Always go to the emergency room if these are your symptoms and you haven’t been diagnosed with panic attacks!)

Do you have anxiety? Here’s a simple WORRY Quiz:

  1. Do you worry?
  2. Were either of your parents worriers?
  3. Is it hard to shake troubling thoughts?
  4. Do you feel emotionally stressed during this season of life?
  5. Is your sleep interrupted?
  6. Are you frequently overwhelmed?
  7. Do you have too many responsibilities?
  8. Do small bodily symptoms make you worry that you have a dreaded disease?
  9. Have there been quite a few additional life stressors recently?
  10. Do you struggle with self-confidence in love or work?
  11. Does your body reflect anxiety with shaking or an upset stomach?
  12. Do you feel a bit anxious meeting new people or in new situations?
  13. Do you think others are judging you?
  14. Do you avoid confrontations because conflicts make you nervous?
  15. Have you ever searched the internet or talked to your doctor about anxiety?

If you answered yes to more than 6 of these questions, you probably have undue anxiety and therapy can help.

Through therapy at Awakenings – your counselor will listen to you and teach you how to stay calm, feel in control and stop worrying.  Our therapist Natalie Chigozie has extensive experience in treating anxiety.

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