Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an option for changing the patterns that stop you from succeeding and keep you getting in your own way. Does your life feel governed by anxiety, depression, or addiction? Maybe you know you drink or eat too much but you don’t know how to fend off the empty feelings. Individual counseling is an important resource if your relationships keep ending badly or your dating life is a disaster. Especially if you feel lonely and desperate but would never admit it to a friend – an individual therapist can offer you deep insight into repetitive patterns. You might want an independent opinion from a counselor to assess your current relationship. Maybe you’re going through a divorce, career stress, or know that your childhood was traumatic and are struggling to find the courage to address these difficulties.

Our individual psychotherapists can help you with:

  • Mood stabilization – live worry-free and feel happy again
  • Destress by organizing your inner thoughts and help you face your inner conflicts
  • Discern the drama queen or ghosting guy when dating  and stop getting hurt
  • Know if you are expecting too much in a relationship
  • Get direction if you are giving too little to sustain love in a dating relationship
  • Develop confidence to date good people you are attracted to
  • Coach you through dating with accurate reflections about your behavior
  • Provide a sounding board for decision-making
  • Divorce recovery
  • Mindfulness and meditation to quiet a busy and anxious mind
  • Listen deeply and analyze your inner conflicts for long-term healing
  • Help with prolonged grief
  • Stop addictive behavior
  • Trauma recovery

In many ways, individual psychotherapy is like sitting in a friend’s living room and talking about the important events in our lives, along with our feelings, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. The individual therapist will listen and share his/her thoughts. Change will happen when you apply what you learn. Therapy sessions usually last about an hour and happen once a week. We offer video therapy sessions for busy professionals or parents.

Therapy teaches you how you get out of your own way. It empowers you to change the way you participate in your life to maximize happiness both at work and in relationships. You cannot change anybody but yourself – but that changes everything!



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