Infidelity/Affairs/Cheating & Recovery


Chances are if you’ve landed on this page, you’ve recently discovered your husband cheated or your wife had a physical or emotional affair, your girlfriend was unfaithful, or your boyfriend has been sexting or cheating on the internet. Maybe your partner has confessed an office romance with a coworker or told you they have become a sex or porn addict online and has been meeting with complete strangers. You feel betrayed and devastated – now thinking that everything you believed about your relationship is a lie because of the relational/marital infidelity.

Suspicious Behavior

Unfortunately, both women and men have affairs. Your worry may have increased because your partner is acting suspicious – like not explaining their absences, not letting you see their texts, having sudden unexplained absences or recently having changed passwords. Perhaps, they are still denying the obvious signs of marital infidelity or an affair – leaving you to wonder if you are a bit crazy.

If your spouse just told you they were in love with someone else or you discover you have been lied to by your trusted partner, it is normal to feel: disoriented, angry, lost, rejected, afraid and humiliated

This is a marital crisis! We can help! Call us at Awakenings! You’re at the right place for expert help with infidelity.  Make a counseling appointment ASAP—We’ll see you within 24 hours in this crisis!!

Can marriage survive infidelity?

YES!!! A resounding yes!! We’ve seen thousands of couples mend from affairs and go on to have stronger relationships. Couples can repair after an affair. In fact, the repair is so deep that most couples don’t divorce after an affair. You may not see the path today and we will not tell you what decision you should make. But we can often help each partner deal with this relational disaster in ways that bring healing, truth, transparency, more intimacy, better sex and recovery.

Whether your relationship had cracks in the foundations for years or you thought you were happily married, our counselors will help you find a way to talk about the affair—what it means, why it happened and see if there is a way for you deal with the adultery. Affair counseling can help you overcome infidelity in a marriage or committed partnership, in these ways:

  • Initially, to stabilize in and survive the devastating crisis
  • Evaluate the marriage/partnership to decide if it is worth getting past the affair
  • Analyze  if the marriage is worth saving and the reasons why the affair happened
  • Decide whether and how to forgive infidelity in a marriage/relationship
  • Get accountability and honesty
  • Offer sex/porn addiction treatment and help for the spouse of the sex addict if needed
  • Learn to trust based on joint vulnerability, truth, openness, emotional connection and sharing
  • Improve the sexual life to be both emotional and erotic
  • Rebuilding is possible – affair-proof your relationship

For the affair-involved partner

If you were the partner who strayed, the moment of discovery may have opened your eyes to all you have risked—your marriage, your family, your economic stability, and your reputation in the community. You too may feel shaken to your core. You may have mixed feelings of fear, entitlement, remorse, exposure, and anger.  You may feel shame at having violated your own ethics.  If you decide to work on the relationship, we know that good people have affairs and will help you analyze yourself as well as learn how to heal the marriage. Reveal what’s important, become transparent, comfort your partner, offer accountability and keep them from obsessing with reassurance and honesty.  We will also work through your disappointments in the marriage.

The unfaithful party says, “I’m not a bad person—I couldn’t see any other way to get my needs met.” The injured party says, “I didn’t deserve this!” Let us help you get past the affair to a new relationship.

Peter Koestenbaum says “Expect two marriages in every lifetime – sometimes to the same person.”

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