Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy/Sexual Addiction Counseling

Sex therapy and couples sex therapy is a safe and expert place to talk (touching prohibited) about intimacy issues in marriage, questions about sexual functioning, concerns about a possible sex addiction or to get help with specific sexual dysfunctions. Our sex life is personal and private and so we feel alone in our troubling worries about the loss of sexual desire for a beloved partner, a sexless marriage, failure to have an erection or the inability to reach an orgasm. In a relationship, sex is glue. Without good sex, couples are very unhappy and their relationship is more vulnerable to a breakup. We’ve heard it all – don’t continue to struggle with:

  • Low libido male or female – his/her low sex drive combined with a partner feeling rejected and deprived is the most frequent complaint we address in sex therapy.
  • Anorgasmia – no orgasm (or can’t orgasm with partner) or a lack of climax is a common and usually the most easily fixed sexual dysfunction.
  • Couple frequency differences – stop fighting about sex and learn how to really make sex pleasurable at a frequency where one doesn’t feel drown nor the other feel starved. We specialize in healing sexless marriages.
  • Erectile dysfunction therapy and premature ejaculation (early ejaculation) treatment – we can help with psychogenic ED as well as reduce anxiety to stop PE
  • Potential porn addiction, sex addiction – we evaluate and provide sexual addiction treatment as well as therapy for spouses of a sex addict to deal with their sex-addicted partner.  We also offer sex addiction groups or porn addiction groups for the compulsive mate and their partner.
  • Survivors of sexual abuse or sexual trauma – we help childhood sexual abuse survivors as well as rape victims and date-rape victims gain their sexual freedom back from the traumatization.
  • Painful intercourse – Vaginismus (unconsummated marriage) , vestibulitis, sexual pain issues (dyspareunia) resulting from menopausal dryness or cancer treatment
  • Premarital Sexual Counseling – to educate virgins and help make the wedding night pain-free, pleasurable, and erotic

No nudity, no sexual exams, no sexual touching between client and therapist


We can help! While you may have never considered sex therapy, our sex counselors are highly trained or are certified sex therapists and have helped thousands of couples regain a pleasurable, frequent and emotionally-intimate sexual life. We know that overcoming intimacy issues in marriage takes a counselor who understands both male and female sexual dysfunction as well how to help couples connect emotionally.

At Awakenings, we believe that sex without connection is mechanical and sex without eroticism is deadening.

We understand that sex is an important and deeply moral and values-laden issue for most people. Our sex therapists are trained to respectfully help you talk comfortably about this intimate subject without shaming you for your fantasies, ideas, and experiences.

We have Christian sex therapists available for clients to whom a faith-match is important. All our counselors, however, are deeply sensitive to the moral, values and shame issues present when talking about sex.

We welcome all same-sex couples and provide LGBT-friendly sex therapy as well.


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