What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is learning to live in the present moment. It means doing one thing at a time and being fully engaged in your present moment environment. It is the practice of bringing our attention to every moment with curiosity and acceptance. The overall idea is to develop an observing mind.

What mindfulness is not:

Mindfulness is not meditation. The goal is not to empty your mind or transcend reality. The goal is to build awareness of yourself and your environment.

What will mindfulness look like in session?

Mindfulness in session will look like talk therapy with the therapist using various tools and techniques to guide you to be in the present moment. This might include games, guided meditation, music,  and other sensory activities.

How will this help me?

Research shows that mindfulness reduces anxiety, depression, and general stress. Mindfulness also helps improve relationships, focus, and physical health.

How will mindfulness be helpful with intimacy and sexuality?

Practicing mindfulness helps people notice, receive, and enjoy the love and affection their partners offer. Building awareness of your own experience helps you communicate your own unique sexual voice to others.

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